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We performed a combination of hands-on testing for several wine aerators from the top leading companies and picked the best five wine aerators. After our detailed analysis and speaking to experts, we found Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer as an all in one choice.

Wine Aerator Reviews

Those days are gone when relishing the wine requires the assistance of experts. With the latest technology, you can quickly enjoy a glass of red wine using a wine aerator. Aeration refers to a mechanism by which a bottle of wine is opened to air for oxidation and evaporation which eliminates unwanted compounds such as byproducts as a result of fermentation. The process eventually gives you refined and pleasing fragrances and tastes.

For several years, people used to wait for hours to get their desired red wine. Now, using an aerator, you can have the most tempting wine within seconds. The aerator brings a flavor enhancing oxygen to your drink to offer you the delicious experience you want. We evaluated the performance of top rated aerators and reviewed them to help you in making a right choice. Also, we asked for professionals recommendations on various wine aerators before choosing our top picks. If any of the aerators are not suitable for your requirement, you can move on to our buying guide which will further assist you to make the best possible choice.

Vinluxe Pro Wine Aerator

VinLuxe PRO Wine Aerator - #1 Rated By the Wine World. Makes Red Wine Taste Better in Seconds.
  • Imagine pouring yourself a glass of wine, tasting it, and thinking to yourself: "If I didn't know better, I would swear that I'm drinking an expensive bottle of wine." That is what you will experience every time you use the VinLuxe Wine Aerator. It makes wine taste extraordinary in just seconds.
  • #1 rated wine aerator by the wine world! Wine aerators may look similar, but its what is inside that counts! Many "Top 10 Amazon Reviewers" have rated our wine aerator with perfect five-stars and have left us detailed video reviews below! Hundreds of five-star reviews. Your search for the best wine aerator has ended.
  • VinLuxe makes a great gift! Perfect for parties! Enjoying a delicious glass of wine at home! Makes every glass of wine taste better! Fun to use! Great fun to use for wine tastings! Amazon Top Reviewer wrote, "Excellent wine aerator, best I have ever used!"
  • TODAY'S SPECIAL COUPON! Save 10% each on VinLuxe WINE AERATOR when you purchase 2 or more. Enter code SALE4852 at checkout. "Wine tastes better!" "This is an outstanding product."

The Vinluxe Pro is the top-rated wine aerator for its superior ease of use. The wine aerator provides you with a tempting glass of wine in just a few seconds which is pretty impressive. Just pour your wine through the Vinluxe Pro aerator into your wine glass or decanter, and you will get an enriched wine flavor to enjoy.

The model comes with 32 aeration holes, and you can even hear them while operating. You will listen to a light sound of wine opening up, absorbing oxygen to release the flavor and aroma that you will not be able to get by pouring the wine without using the required product. As far as the construction of the product is concerned, it is manufactured with superior quality acrylic which makes it highly durable in the long run.

Vinluxe Pro Wine Aerator is easy to clean and prevents any leaks, so you don’t need to worry about accidental drops. Also, it comes with an included travel pouch so you can take it anywhere you want. For customer satisfactory, it offers you a lifetime warranty. In case the unit breaks, you can get the replacement instantly without any extra cost.

Vinturi Reserve Wine Aerator

Vinturi V8010 Reserve Essential Red Wine Aerator, White
  • Speed up the aeration process with the Vinturi Reserve Red Wine aerator; a premium version of the classic, award-winning aerator that’s elegant enough for formal dinners and parties
  • Molded of clear acrylic for a premium and elegant look with patented design
  • Ideal for use with all red wines
  • Quickly and conveniently aerate wine by the bottle or glass
  • Includes 1 Reserve Red Wine Aerator and 1 No-drip Aerator Stand

The set of Vinturi Reserve Wine Aerator not only have a striking look but it also exceptionally operates that you can expect from the best wine aerator. This aerator provides you with all the essentials that you need to have a delicious glass of wine.

Using this set, you will get wine with an enhanced flavor that will taste better than ever before. The set comes with major four components including an aerator, flask, stand, and bottle topper. These features make the job incredibly easier, so all you need to do is pour the wine and get the best drinking experience.

The aerator comes with high-quality acrylic construction whereas the flask is made of German glass. These pieces work perfectly together to improve the taste and whiff of any wine significantly. When it comes to maintenance, you can easily clean the unit by placing it in the dishwasher. This highly appealing and reasonably priced set makes for an excellent gift for that one wine lover in your life.

Zazzol Wine Aerator Decanter

Zazzol Wine Aerator Decanter - Multi Stage Design with Gift Box - Recommended by Business Insider
  • Transform any wine to a Great wine, instantly.
  • Enjoy enhanced flavor, fuller bouquet, balanced finish… every time.
  • Patented multi-stage design ensures 3 x more effective aeration.
  • Hassle free design avoids leaking, dripping, or over flow.
  • Elegant presentation box makes it a perfect present.

The Zazzol Wine Aerator will surely give you a better taste than it has ever before. It’s an elegant aerator decanter model which gets you the delicious wine in seconds so you can have the experience of pure flavor, filled bouquet, and composed finish every time.

Gone are the days when you were waiting for the wine to breathe and even getting disappointing wines that need to breathe for several hours. The Zazzol Wine Aerator comes with an original multi-stage design which gives adequate aeration three times than most models. It’s a highly useful long-term aerator which can save your money by transforming a simple wine into great drinks eventually keeping your cost on inexpensive vintages.

Further, the best thing about the Zazzol Wine Aerator is that it gives the flavor you desire and comes at a price that you can afford which makes it an excellent choice for most people. Lastly, it’s a hassle-free design which prevents any leaking or dripping. This aerator can be a wonderful gift for someone who is fond of drinking delightful wine and will find a truly perfect tool to carry along.

Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer

Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer - Premium Aerating Pourer and Decanter Spout (Black)
  • Aerate Your Wine to Perfection Instantly - The Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer has a large aerating chamber and air intake system that utilizes the Bernoulli Effect to infuse your wine with the OPTIMAL amount of oxygen. Double the value of your bottle by simply pouring yourself a glass!
  • Keep Your Tablecloth Safe from Wine Stains - The rubber stopper is tapered and ribbed to create a leak-free seal for wine bottles of all sizes and the acrylic pour spout is notched and ergonomically slanted for easy drip-less pouring. The aerator can be disassembled and run under water for effortless cleaning.
  • Elegantly Designed and Made with Quality Materials - The Vintorio Aerating Pourer is manufactured with high quality materials. Its elegant design will add a level of refinement to your wine drinking experience and is the perfect gift for wine lovers.
  • Often Mimicked, Never Duplicated - Find out why more than half a million customers worldwide love their Vintorio Aerator Pourer! There are many copies of the Patented Vintorio Aerator Pourer out there, but none can hold a candle to the ORIGINAL when it comes to quality and functionality.

You will surely want to have the perfect glass of wine simply by pouring from the wine bottle. If you are searching for a budget red wine aerator which can make the taste of your wine enriched with flavors, the Vintorio Wine Aerator might be the product you are looking.

The model comes at a reasonable price that you can afford. With an ergonomic design, it offers you ease of use and makes it incredibly easy to pour the wine without any drips. All you need to do is just put it at the end of your favorite wine bottle and pour the delicious aerated wine you have always desired. Using this product, you don’t have to worry about drips as it comes with a conical rubber stopper that makes sure to prevent drips.

The product has a standard quality acrylic construction which makes it highly durable in the long run. The Vintorio Wine Aerator is easy to disassemble for quick cleaning. For its very compact size, you can easily store in when not in use. Finally, it is supported by a lifetime guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction as a priority.

Aervana Wine Aerator

Aervana Original: Electric Wine Aerator and Pourer / Dispenser - Air Decanter - Personal Wine Tap for Red and White Wine.
  • AERATION: Instantly aerate/decant your wine with the touch of a button. The Aervana provides 6 times the aeration of the typical gravity aerators. It's like instantly decanting your wine for 60 minutes.
  • EASY TO USE: Just push the button to aerate and pour your wine. Attaches easily to any bottle of wine with a tight seal. Simply attach the tube, slide the Aervana on top of the bottle, and push the button for wine to be instantly aerated from your personal wine tap. Powered by 6 AAA batteries - (not included)
  • NO MESS: No drips, spills or splashes. The Aervana is the convenient and spill proof way to serve wine.
  • INCLUDES: Aervana wine aerator, food safe plastic tube (2), batteries (6AAA), and owner’s manual.

The Aervana Wine Aerator is worth your money if you are looking for a high-quality wine aerator with advanced features. Using a simple push button, you can deliver the wine straight into your glass. It’s the only aerator you will find that can keep wine sediment in the bottommost of your bottle instead of your glass.

The lightweight and small unit makes it highly portable to let you bring it on wine parties and special occasions. Besides, you can quickly clean the aerator by only filling an empty wine bottle with water and pour it similar to a glass of wine. Afterwards, use a wet cloth and wipe it. The Aervana Wine Aerator is power by six AAA batteries that come along with the aerator.

We found it as an impeccable easy to use and sophisticated design which makes it a great option when it comes to drinking the most delicious wine. Though it is comparatively expensive, it makes a significant difference in the taste with a single push.

Best Wine Aerator Buying Guide

Best Wine Aerator

What Is A Wine Aerator?

A wine aerator is a small utensil that you place on the end of the wine bottle before you pour the drink. It facilitates oxygen to get instantly mix with the wine thus enhancing its flavor. An aerated wine does not only have a great taste but comes with enriched accents and savors.

How to Choose

Types of Wine Aerators

While you have wine on special events, you will surely want to have the best aeration for perfect flavor. Be sure what kind of tool you are looking for to minimize your time and the process in the most efficient manner.


The standard wine aerators are connected to the end of your wine bottle as you gradually pour your drink. The model features holes that let oxygenation to enhance the flavor of your drink. These wine aerator models are available in various dimensions, contours, and price.

Aerator and Decanter Systems

These models include both an aerator and decanter to enhance the aroma of any wine. They are comparatively expensive but offer the best possible results. These units are capable of significantly improve the flavor of even cheap wine bottles.

Best Wine Aerator

Purpose of Use

The foremost thing you should consider is for what purpose you are purchasing a particular wine aerator. Whether you want to oxygenate the wine instantly or you have enough time to let it rest in a decanter? Also, you need to think about the use of an entire bottle or only one or two glass at a time. If you use your wine bottle more often by re-corking it time and again, probably you should prefer a handheld or on-bottle wine aerators. On the other hand, if maintenance and cleanliness are important to you then consider a model that offers a holding tower. Also, if you travel more often, you will want to have an aerator that you can take everywhere. Here, consider a sturdier wine aerator that can withstand bumps and long traveling without breaking apart.

Style and Storage

Today, you can get a variety of wine accessories providing you a stylistic choice. If you are looking for an overall elegant presentation, decanters can be an excellent choice. You can use one of the traditional crystal decanters with the new aerators to enjoy a unique combination. You can easily serve your wine in a decanter, and it will take few minutes to oxygenate it. You will find several aerators sets available on the market thus making it easier for you to get the both products in one purchase.


Price of a wine aerator is a crucial factor to consider. You will want to make sure that the product you intend to purchase is affordable for you. However, it is advised not to go for extremely cheap aerators that might not be able to work as you expected. You should consider a wine aerator ranging from $50 to $100 to get a high-quality product. You may find the additional accessories with a great aerator design relatively pricey. Therefore, look for an option offering features that are important to you.

Included Accessories

If you are searching for the best deal, make sure to check what extras come with your purchase. These additional tools such as stands, storage bags and brushes for maintenance are significant to keep your product nicely maintained and achieve the best performance. A product that comes with discount will probably not have these extras, so you will require to purchase them separately. Such deals might not be the best choice to make as an expensive model offering you everything you need for using, cleaning and storing is more a cost-effective and smart choice.


It’s always important to look for a product’s warranty. It will keep you relaxed knowing that your product will deliver what it promised or else you can get your money refunded. A guarantee is a vital aspect of any appliance as it lets you get the product replacement or repair without spending extra bucks from your pocket.


Owning a wine aerator is a great way to soften your wine and enhance its flavor within seconds. These wine aerators are available in wide range of styles. You can choose anything from a simple wine aerator to a high-end model coming with additional tools. Be sure, what presentation you are looking for along with storage and other useful accessories. The easiest choice you can make is to consider among our top-rated wine aerators as they will make sure to deliver you a tempting wine every time. They are easy to operate, reasonably priced and gets the job done in no time. However, if you want to find out something else, then our buying guide will provide you with essential information that you need to know before buying the best wine aerator that suits your needs and interior of your home.

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