Best Air Hockey Table: Which One Do You Choose?

We tested various air hockey tables over a two week period to come up with this list of the 5 best hockey tables. Our test criteria included type, price, size, power and material. The best overall air hockey table is the American Heritage 390074 Monarch Series Air-Hockey Table because it scored high points in all the review checklist items.

Air Hockey Table Reviews

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Best Overall Air Hockey Table- American Heritage 390074 Monarch Series Air-Hockey Table

American Heritage Monarch Air-Hockey Table
  • American Heritage Monarch Air-Hockey Table

Our pick for the best overall hockey table was hands-down the American Heritage Billards Monarch for a number of reasons.

First, this is a table you can install in any room in your home with pride if you are particular about aesthetics. The silver trim and cherry-finish cabinet is sleek, modern yet with a hint of nostalgia. We loved that it doesn’t just look good, but performs phenomenally for a home air hockey table.

A pro-style air hockey table could easily set you back a couple thousand dollars so this is a great compromise that’s affordable for the gameplay and features you get. You definitely need some good space for this one as it measures at 48″ wide.

The blower is powered 110 volts which easily handles fast-paced games. The plentiful power also means that your puck doesn’t get stuck so you can enjoy your games uninterrupted.

The screen printed surface allows the puck to glide efficiently offering high-quality gameplay regardless of the speed. We have heard about a few professional air hockey players with this exactly model in their home so it is a good choice if you want to boost your skills.

It comes with an electronic scoring system conveniently placed in your line of sight so you can keep up with the scores as you play. This is a sturdy table weighing in at 278 pounds so it’s not going to buckle or move during an intense game.

We recommend this table for anyone looking for a professional-grade air hockey table for home use and not shy about spending a good chunk of cash for it.  

Atomic Blazer 7′ Hockey Table

Atomic G03510W Blazer 7-Feet Hockey Table
  • Electronic Score Keeping with Rail-Integrated Display
  • Heavy-Duty 120V Blower for Fast Play
  • Overhang Rails Reduce Puck Bounce
  • Leg Levelers Ensure Even Playing Surface
  • Can Accommodate a Table Tennis Conversion Top

The Atomic Blazer 7′ Hockey Table comes a close second in this Best Overall Air Hockey Table and costs almost half as much as the American Heritage in first place.

This is still a solid choice and is a full-size air hockey table good enough for children and adults alike. The 120V blower allows for fast-paced games without interruption for the better or experienced players. The table also features an electronic scoreboard which is always convenient for keeping track of the scores without interrupting gameplay.

We liked that it comes with four pucks and four strikers so you have a choice of doubles or the more intimate one-on-one. Its leg stabilizers and pedestal legs hold up well under pressure of intense play and ensure that the table is nice and level so no one gets an unfair advantage. The overhang rails are a nice touch that ensure your puck doesn’t bounce too much during play.

The table measures 7′ so you definitely need some space ideally in the rec room, garage or basement. You can buy a conversion table top separately and instantly convert air-hockey to table tennis.

This Atomic Blazer air hockey table doesn’t quite match up to the number one position but for the price, it is a good alternative. We recommend this one for the amateur air hockey player who wants a high-quality full-size table at a reasonable price.

Sport Squad HX40 Electric Powered Air Hockey Table

Sport Squad HX40 40 inch Table Top Air Hockey Table for Kids and Adults - Electric Motor Fan - Includes 2 Pushers and 2 Air Hockey Pucks - Great for Playing on The Floor, Tabletop, or Dorm Room, one size (SSA1001)
  • HIGH OUTPUT FAN CREATES A REALISTIC ARCADE-STYLE GAME PLAY: Powered by AC-12V motor and included adapter, the electric fan provides powerful, yet quiet and even airflow for a smooth and frictionless playing surface.
  • 5 MINUTE EASY ASSEMBLY: Simply attach the 2 goal boxes and you’re ready to play! Comes with 2 air hockey strikers and 2 pucks. The manual sliding abacus scorers help keep track of total goals and the goal boxes offer convenient hockey puck return.
  • PORTABLE, COMPACT DESIGN: Fun and competitive, the HX40 slide hockey table is made of durable MDF. DIMS: 40"L x 20"W x 5"H and weighs 14 lbs. The compact air hockey table features non-marking rubber pads to protect all your table surfaces.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Sport Squad listens and learns from your feedback to create quality gameroom equipment for kids & adults. If you're not 100% satisfied or have product suggestions our customer service team is available to help.
  • SPORT SQUAD - BRINGING FAMILY AND FRIENDS TOGETHER: As an American based company, Sport Squad brings new innovation to playing indoors and outdoors by introducing affordable, quality sports, lawn, tailgate, carnival, and game room games to market.

You don’t need to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to enjoy a game of air hockey as is the case with this Sports Quad HX40 Electric Powered Hockey Table. This is a very affordable choice and at 40″ X 20″, it fits right on top of your coffee table or dining table.

These table top air hockey tables are ideally meant for kids but there is no reason why the older children or adults can’t get in on the fun as well. Its compact design means you can pack it to your vacation home or to a friend’s house.

The play surface is made from good quality material and has sufficient air to get a decent game going. The rubber pads on the base of the table mean you don’t have to worry about scratching or ruining your expensive or vintage table. It has a good goal to puck size ratio so you have to put in some effort to win a game.

The table works with an electrical output and comes with a manual scorer to keep track of the scores.  

This definitely isn’t the type of air hockey table to invite your college friends over for a competitive game but it’s great for a family evening with the kids.

We recommend this if you are looking for a small, portable table for the kids that which is cheap enough to buy on a whim.

Mini Table Top Air Hockey

B003YHKZKQ– Trademark Games Mini Table Top Air Hockey
  • Real life action
  • Actual air motor for puck hovering
  • Two 2 inch diameter shooter handles Two 1.5 inch diameter pucks
  • Score keeper
  • Easy puck return

This Mini Table Top Air Hockey is even cheaper than the Sports Quad so you don’t even need a budget to get a nice table for your kids. The table measures 22″ X 12″ so it’s very portable and fits right on your coffee table.

This version is one of the most portable we tested. It works on 6 AA batteries so you don’t need an electrical output to play games. You can take it virtually anywhere you want including camping or to the local park.

The table features an air motor and a decent surface so the puck glides easily during gameplay. It has a good pack return for smooth play without unnecessarily long intervals and a manual system for keeping track of the scores.

We recommend this table if you have young children and want a portable game and inexpensive game that you can take with you anywhere.

Hathaway Face-off 5″ Air Hockey Table

Face-Off 5-Foot Air Hockey Game Table for Family Game Rooms with Electronic Scoring, Free Pucks & Strikers
  • FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY – Fill your game room with fast-paced fun for all ages. The Face-Off’s compact design and cool graphics make it perfect for kids. Adults will have a blast shooting pucks around the slick, glossy surface.
  • PREMIUM AIR FLOW - A 5 blade, AC110V axial fan sends a steady stream of air through over 1,500 holes on the playing surface. The included pucks will glide smoothly over the even flow of air, ensuring fast-paced hockey action.
  • BUILT TO LAST – Engineered wood construction with durable leg braces keep this air hockey table steady and sturdy. Integrated leg levelers guarantee an even playing field.
  • DIMENSIONS –60-in x 26-in x 31-in; PLAYING SURFACE: 54.75-in L x 27.25-in
  • AMERICAN DESIGN – Our products are designed and engineered right here in America, with quality control and customer service maintained by US-based employees. While we do outsource some manufacturing, every step is guided by our leadership team in the US.

We recommend the Hathaway Face-off 5″ Air Hockey Table for anyone with reasonable expectations of what they want to get from an inexpensive hockey table.

Granted this is not a professional-grade hockey table, it is surprisingly sturdy even during an intense game. The air blowers provide enough power for an amateur game while the sides give decent rebound to keep the game going at a fast pace.

This isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing game if you are particular about interior décor but it does have a great arcade-style vibe to it. It comes with an electronic scoreboard which is always appreciated on a serious air hockey table. The table and surface is also durable provided you don’t intend to play on it every single day. This is honestly a very good table for the price that strikes the perfect balance between budget conscious and solidly constructed/great gameplay table.

We recommend this for an amateur player looking for a reasonable priced but good air hockey table to play on once in a while.

Air Hockey Table Buying Guide

Best Air Hockey Table


There are three basic or common designs for air hockey tables including;

Mini or Table Top: Are portable and usually meant for children although they can still be fun for adults. These are designed to place on top of a table or floor surface as long as it’s even. The tables come with rubber pads at the bottom to protect the table from scratches and damage and to keep the table sturdy during gameplay.

Basic Design: Is a good choice if you are a beginner looking for a full-size air hockey table. The basic design typically doesn’t come with a lot of features such as music, flashing lights and electronic score board. This isn’t recommended if you are looking for a table you can play on a daily basis or improve your playing.

Arcade-Style: Is what you can expect to find at an arcade and usually measure 8′. You can expect a powerful blower motor, sound effects, electronic scoring and music among other features. These tables last for many years and are preferred by professionals or avid players looking to enhance their skills.


The size of air hockey table you choose largely depends on how much space you have. A full-size table won’t fit in a cramped apartment and may be too large for small or younger children to play. The Sports Quad HX40 Electric Powered Hockey is a great choice for small children and if you are looking for a game that you can simply prop up on your coffee table.

For an adult hockey table, you’d want to look into bigger sizes. This means you need more room such as garage space or a dedicated gaming room. The Atomic Blazer 7′ Hockey Table is a good start if you are an amateur and want the true arcade experience.


The price of the air hockey table is directly related to the quality of gameplay. You can get one for a couple of bucks such as the Mini Table Top Air Hockey. This table is a basic version and probably won’t be much fun for you and your friends but the children will thoroughly enjoy it.

If you are a serious player who doesn’t mind spending big money on a home air hockey table fit for a gaming arcade, the American Heritage 390074 Monarch Series Air-Hockey Table makes sense. Note that these games can go well into the thousands of dollars range.

Best Air Hockey Table


This factor is largely a matter of personal preference but don’t be surprised if you have to spend more for design features that you are particular about. If, for example, you are designing the ultimate rec room, you want something that looks good and that can be a centerpiece of the room. A table with built-in arches, wood grain finish and silver trim.

The Hathaway Face-Off Air Hockey Table is a good choice if you are looking for basic arcade aesthetics and are not particularly interested in tying up your interior décor. This option gets you a great full-size air hockey table at a relatively low price.


You don’t need to consider this option too much if you are only interested in an air hockey table. You might want an option with a convertible top if you’d like a multipurpose table. The Atomic Blazer 7′ Hockey Table can be converted into a table tennis or ping pong table. Note that the convertible top is usually sold separately.

Some offer multi-game features including bowling, shuffleboard, foosball and board games such as chess and checkers. You might have to work a little harder to find these tables and expect to pay a good price for them. Still, a versatile air hockey table is a great choice for a small rec room that can’t handle more than one or two full-size gaming tables.

Skill Level

You don’t need to spend anything more than a hundred dollars for a beginner’s air hockey table or one for kids. The prices go up as you consider intermediate and advanced players. Hockey tables for advanced players easily go in to the thousand dollar range for a reason. The play surface includes features specific for advanced players such as think rink walls and powerful air blowers. These tables also last for many years so the high upfront cost is usually worth it.


An air hockey table is fun for the whole family and you have a wide range of options to choose from. We have attempted to narrow down the choices into the most common requirements and match it with one or two suggestions. If you prefer to buy a table on your own, the Buyer’s Guide section should help you along the process.

Considering the wide range of options and varying price points, there really is no excuse as to why you shouldn’t have an air hockey table in your own home.

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