About Us

A bar has always been the place where you can go to forget about your troubles for a while. You might even find yourself telling jokes or singing karaoke with friends.

The idea behind is to create a space where bloggers can feel like they belong. We want our readers and writers’ voices heard, so we offer them an open environment with the freedom of expression that’s been diminished in today’s society.

A site for all your bar needs. The perfect place to read about the latest news in cocktails and wines, or chat with other enthusiasts over ideas of what makes a good drink!

Guest submissions are now open for everyone to share their knowledge on our platform! You’ll be able write articles here if you have something that needs sharing.

Have you ever wanted to share your knowledge on the industry’s most popular topics? We’re looking for writers who can not only entertain but also educate their audience. Our website is an amazing chance at making that happen!